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Why not get more out of your sleep? Getting the right amount of sleep can promote weight loss, improve your immune system, and enhance your cognition.

"The stimulating game allows you to see how alert you are and appropriately change your sleep habits."

CBS Early Show

Dr. Carol Ash

"The sleep diary is a simple way for users to make sure they are getting good sleep"

University of Wisconsin Engineering

Winner of the Schoof's Prize for Innovation

"Is there such a thing as a sleep coach? Let's assume there is! In a nutshell, that's what this app, designed with SCIENCE, aims to be."


App of the Week

"The Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock is an app that tracks sleep quality, and is geared toward addressing the problem of difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep"

Sleep Review

Journal for Sleep Specialists

Proactive Sleep ™ is a Proactive Life product.
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