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Proactive Sleep

Body Movements

By placing your phone on your bed with you while you sleep, the application measures your body movements. This information is then used to measure the components of your sleep. Based on your body movements, your sleep quality is determined. If you begin to wake up within 30 minutes of your alarm, you can set the alarm to go off, waking you at the natural time. We then calculate your sleep efficiency, which is used by sleep doctors to evaluate sleep quality. Sleep efficiency is the amount of time spent sleeping while you are in bed.

Vigilance Task

The vigilance task is a simple game that is administered upon awakening from sleep. The game measure your grogginess and motivates you to awaken in the morning. It involves following a randomly moving sun with your pointer finger. Performing the task quickly and accurately indicates healthier sleep and less sleep inertia. The task was inspired by sleep research in which similar tasks were predictive of sleep inertia severity, or in other words, the degree of grogginess experienced upon waking (Dinges, 1985; Takahashi, Ohno, 1998; Scheef, Shea, Hilton, & Shea, 2008).

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