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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does Proactive Sleep calculate?

Proactive Sleep keeps track of how much you are sleeping, the consistency of the duration of your sleep, how frequently you awaken at night, and a measure of how refreshed you feel in the morning based on the Proactive Game. Also, the averages of these statistics are also displayed so you can compare your daily behaviors with the norm.

2) How do I use the information in the sleep diary to improve my sleep habits?

Since these measurements are the main factors that influence your sleep patterns, once you better understand how each factor uniquely affects you, then you can make the appropriate steps to improve your sleep habits. For example, you may notice that if you are getting less than your average amount of sleep, you perform worse on the Vigilance Game when you wake up in the morning. You might even notice that the effects of one poor night of sleep can last for days. You can then make the appropriate steps to modify your behaviors.

3) Why does my screen freeze when I try to set my alarm or ambient music to any file in my iTunes Library?

This can occur the first time you try to set your ambient music or alarm sound. A quick fix is to simply turn off and then turn on your iPhone and it should work.

4) What does my score on the Vigilance Game mean?

Your vigilance score is a measure of how easy it was for you to wake up in the morning. The longer that it takes for you to complete the task, the smaller the amount of points you can earn from hitting the target. So if you wake up feeling refreshed, you will likely complete the game faster and get a higher score. You can use this score to see when your sleep habits are affecting how easy it is for your to wake up.

5) How do I know which music or sounds I should play to help me fall to sleep and where can I find this music?

Proactive Sleep does not come with ambient music. This means that you must find the music or sounds that best work for you and download it onto your device. Ambient sounds can be found in your local music store or on the Apple Store. Once you have the audio files downloaded onto your device, you can set any audio file you want to play when you set your alarm. It will stop play when the song is over.

6) What is a healthy amount of sleep?

About 90% of adults require between 7-8 hours of sleep, but this varies by individual. Some people are short sleepers or long sleepers. These people can need as little as 5 hours of sleep and as much as 11 hours of sleep. However, this is fairly rare.

7) What are other ways that I can improve my sleep?

See the 'Facts and Tips' button located in the 'About Sleep' tab.

8) I am having technical problems who do I contact?

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